Boost your international business development.

Break into new territories and new distribution networks in your industry in Europe.

So, you need to:

Increase your revenue through a profitable, flexible, short-term investment?

Become more visible in new countries or regions?

Make contact with key decision takers at the largest producers through-out Europe?

In particular the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia and Benelux?

Gain access to the global purchasing departments within large groups to distribute your equipment and machinery?

Deal with an experienced and flexible team who understand YOUR Industry and THEIR local market?

Prospecting & Sales

Increasing your revenue

We draw up a market-entry strategy based on profitable, customised and proven tactics in your industry that matches your equipment and machinery.

You leverage the expertise of our team: dedicated sales rep, head of sales, sales administration and last but not least, the after-sales support of your equipment in these new markets.

You link into our decades of experience and extensive network of contacts in the market.

We apply our competitive advantage; a combination of our network, our spoken languages, geographical knowledge, cultural nuances and technical knowledge on plant construction, machinery and processes.

Financial Management

A profitable, short-term investment

A business investment 30% less costly than hiring an employee

A flexible partnership

Monthly invoicing

Reduced accommodation and transport expenses

Legal representation in Europe, no need to invest in a “Plug and Play” structure

Commercial representation with sales representatives in more than 16 European countries

Comprehensive local infrastructure

Human Resources

Reduced internal expenses

No employment contracts

No employer social contributions

No relocation fees

No (or limited) training required

Time-saving solution based on highly qualified people with cross-cultural skills

Instant access to an experienced multi-lingual team with extensive local knowledge

Immediately operational

Operational Planning

High-quality support functions

Legal team with physical addresses in at least 10 European countries

CRM (customer relationship management) and Sales tools

Presence at national and international trade shows and fairs

Full commercial activity on the ground across Europe; all regions covering multiple countries in Scandinavia, Benelux, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe


Testing, adjusting and maintaining a strategy over time

An “Ambassador” dedicated to your company, representing you on the ground

Understanding what the best positioning for your equipment is

Adjusting prices in order to succeed in local industry and markets

Feedback on your key market information, including cultural particularities

Real-world testing and continuous market readjustment

A technically competent sales representative with 25+ years of experience representing YOUR brand in the region


Salesbuzz'ter provides workshops and personalized sales seminars to boost your business development.

You need to:

- Understand the basic mechanics of sales, which sales techniques work best for you and your sector

- Understand how to sell your products and services, which sales process is the best for your team

Salesbuzz'ter has the solution:

- Training sessions for your current sales team organized on site or in one of our training centres in London or Paris

- Personalized coaching for individual sales reps to fine tune their techniques and provide them with concrete tools

Please contact us for more information.

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