The market sectors we know

Our highly talented team has experience with 80% of the major production sites through-out Europe. We know their history, investments, planned projects, timelines but more importantly the key players, the local culture and the languages.

We will open doors for you at large production sites through-out Europe.

Our sales and marketing team can adapt your product positioning, price list and promotional materials to fit the local markets.

We will adapt your proposals in line with national legislation; our legal team can guide you on the European (EU) regulations.

We will employ our relevant databases using effective CRM tools and directly plug you into our existing extensive network of contacts.

We will represent you on the ground at trade shows and similar events and organise client visits and meetings. Being “on the ground” allows us to respond rapidly to your customers’ requirements.

We will build the visibility of YOUR brand or products within OUR markets.

Food & Beverage

The largest manufacturing sector in Europe; with an emphasis on efficiency with more and more local production, the Europe Food Processing Machinery Market is growing rapidly.

Europe prides itself on producing top quality wines, beers, cheeses and meats so our Producers demand the highest quality of machinery.

We can represent your brand at the world’s largest Food & Beverage shows which underline this industry’s requirement to produce for nearly 700 million people located in Europe.

Our team has over 45 years collective experience in the Food and Beverage Industry; from equipment sales to software systems (MES-VMS, MOM, IoT, AI etc.).

We will stay abreast of ever-changing local regulations and market needs.


The Pharma Industry demands top design, high-performance, high finished-product quality, extensive traceability, and in-depth process validations

Pharmaceuticals requires a specialist ‘savoir-faire’ to guarantee success.

Our team has more than 80 years’ collective experience working with large projects at multiple plants.

We can open doors for you at large production sites all over Europe, with emphasis on the 4 market leaders; Germany, France, Italy and UK.

Our legal team can guide you on the European (EU) framework for pharmaceuticals, pharmacovigilance legislation and specialised medicine sectors.

Our sales team can guide you on local manufacturing standards (GMP).


See Pharmaceuticals above.

We have connections with the major BIO sites in Europe.


The Cosmetics market in Europe is expected to maintain it’s growth over the next few years.

It is a distinct market with different margins and expectations than for instance, the Food & Beverage industry. Brand culture, investment philosophy and internal connections play a big part.

With our insights, we can guide you in adopting the appropriate commercial tactic, saving you time and making you more responsive to customer requirements in this highly competitive sector.

We have several Sales representatives who specialise in this Industry; they can handle the technical requests, explain your solution and be physically present to demonstrate the most complex of machinery.

We can take your brand to the major decision takers in this key market.


Processing in comparison to the other divisions requires understanding of the complete end-to-end process and all the equipment necessary to create this process efficiently.

Processing projects also require a good knowledge of sites, locations, local culture, legal framework and which local authorities would be involved.

We can help you to navigate this roadmap in each country; to quickly put you in contact with the right players and increase your chances of success.

The 2020 pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of this Industry.


This is a key factor in the growth of the Manufacturing Industry worldwide; increasing efficiency whilst reducing resource consumption, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Our planet requires new solutions that work towards respecting our environment. These solutions need to be found, then we must understand how to apply them, but more importantly to visualise all the opportunities where they can be implemented.

We can advise on the impact and opportunities provided in Europe in line with direction from the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), the Medium Combustion Plants (MCP) Directive, the Eco-design Framework Directive, the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the Water Framework Directive and the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.