How To Close More Deals By Asking This ONE Powerful Question!

Time is money, and never is that more true than it is in sales. The good news is that there are often easy things you can do to make deals come in more quickly. Today, Salesbuzz’ter proposes to you an article from Sales Hacker that answers the famous question “How to close more deals?”.

Lots of founders come to me for advice on big deals that they’re trying to close.

A lot of times they describe how they met with a buyer from a huge corporation, demoed their products, answered all initial questions, and seem to be getting some good buying signals.

They just finished their first really good initial meetings and then send follow-up emails to schedule the next face-to-face—and now they enter uncharted territory.

They worry:

At that point, I ask them if they took the chance to actually have the potential customer describe to them in detail what it will take for them to become a customer. Most salespeople don’t.1And that’s the problem.

The solution to this is something I call the “virtual close.”

This sales tactic will help you accomplish these objectives:

How? Simply ask this question:

“Dear potential customer. Now that you know what we do and we answered all your questions, it seems to me that we are a perfect fit. What are all the steps we have to take to help make this happen?

Then shut up and listen.

If the prospect says something to the effect of:

“Well, not sure…” or “Well, we wouldn’t buy before 2023 since we are locked in the current contract…”

You’re in trouble. This means there is no real buying intent. Move on with life.

In all other cases, you have to put on your investigative hat and actually keep following up with questions until you both reach a point where a deal can happen.

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